Help me choose a replacement theme for PS1.6.1.23 (soon to be TB)

  • I use warehouse currently and it works very well. Based on what I see, Panda has very similar functionality (Which is why I haven’t changed) plus a few extras and a developer that’s still improving it. The warehouse developer is just maintaining at this point. There hasn’t been any improvement in quite some time.

    I’d love to see someone create a bit more modern theme for all though as both have some dated components.

  • Thanks guys for your input so far. Seems like Panda is the favorable theme atm but a few happy developers using Warehouse still. No Transformer mentions which is interesting


    Warehouse = 2
    Panda = 4
    Transformer = 0

    Total Votes 6/6

  • I use warehouse theme and like it the best but I would vote for Panda anyway because Warehouse is not maintained or supported for TB which is a shame.

  • @motion2082 for what I understand, Panda is an evolution of transformer.
    Even if “warehouse” is used by some developers not having official support is a big “but”.
    Something great of jonny with Panda theme is that he ALWAYS answer the question in 24h. Always trying to solve the problems.

  • For me, Panda is THE theme, both for Presta and TB. And TB is much more agile, so TB+Panda are my perfect pack. So much so that I created a course about Panda and now I’m extending it to aply with TB mainly.
    Panda, no doubt.

  • @danwarrior could you share link to your course?

  • Have no problems with warehouse but I only use it because I’ve used it essentially since it came out.
    Works perfectly with TB and the developer is a nice guy but as other people have said, he’s working solely on PS 1.7 now.

    Since he’s not updating it anymore for our implementation, I cannot recommend it, but it does work well at the moment.

    I’d imagine out of these 3 options you would want to go with Panda.

  • Here also Panda : great theme and excellent support !

  • I think that settles it then 🙂 Panda looks like the overall winner 😉

    Customer support is extremely important and the ability to be supported for TB and PS1.6 is a real bonus.


    Warehouse = 3
    Panda = 7
    Transformer = 0

    Total Votes 10/10

  • @datakick I’m still migrating my school and the course is only in Spanish language by now. This is the old landing page:


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