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  • Hi,

    im using the tracking for referrals module but when i want to set a password for a user i get a error,

    Property Referrer->passwd length (60) must be between 0 and 32

  • administrators

    The module must have some hardcoded password limit. We have gotten rid of the terrible bad md5 hashes, so we need stronger security and I think the module has some difficulties with it.

    In the module’s database table for the referrer (likely ps_modulename_referrer) there must be a passwd colom set to VARCHAR(32). This must be converted to VARCHAR(60) and the module’s ObjectModel’s (likely /classes/ModuleNameReferrer.php) passwd field size in $definition must be set to 60.

  • You were right, Database is already correct.

    The fix is to change /classes/Referrer.php
    Line 76 from 30 to 60

    No idea how to change it on github but you can mark this as solved after someone updates it :smile:

  • But now its still not possible to login, its the default referral module that comes with TB guess its broken and untouched :smile:

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