403 error when I try to translate

  • This is not tecnically a module issue, but I don’t know where to post it, is about backoffice.

    When I try to translate some words I get a 403 error: any of you is getting the same? How can I solve? Permissions seems to be ok in my hosting…

    I’m using Panda theme and 1.0.7 in a new site.

  • Hello Dan,

    Check the max_input_vars and post_max_size in php.ini, here are recommended values.
    post_max_size= 32M
    max_input_vars= 10000

  • @jonny Thank you very much, Jonny! I think is a kind of security on the hosting, they had a tool that lets me see if my IP is banned and guess… it was, because I’m working from Mexico instead of Spain xD
    I could do it later 🙂
    Security issues…


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