I bought OPC Knowband module and am shocked

  • I had the impression that Thirtybees users in this forum are happy with Knowband’s OPC module. But after trying to get some answers from Knowbands support the last two weeks that could make any sense I am at the point to quit this module.
    But before I am gonna say good buy to the ca. 100 EUR I invested and hours I spend to css beautify the module and to translate the gravely bad and dangerously wrong translations they offered for Germany, despite the fact they claim the module is 100% translated… I must ask for your experiences with this OPC module.

    What is bugging me most is that it is dependend on the standard cart module with Ajax turned on and that it loads payment options in a windows aftercustomer pressed the buy button.

    At least for payment options like bankwire, invoice and checque pressing buy button should be the last step in checkout.

    But see what knowband is doing if bankwire is installed:
    alt text

    This is a vanillay Thirtybees 1.07 install. This is far from what I understand under the term “OnePageCheckout”.
    Other payment options are at the moment realised via Mollie module and then things get even stranger.

    Is this the way OPC is meant to be or can you tell me how to fix it with Thirtybees?
    The module could be helpfull but as it is it seems to add steps in checkout instead of reducing them.

  • I have only had limited interaction with the module, but I do not like it. I have a customer that uses it with thirty bees and we have had nothing but problems out of it. They used it with PrestaShop first, then we migrated them to thirty bees about 6 months ago. The module was a disaster under PrestaShop as well. I am not sure the extent of all the problems it had, I know they spent several months working with their support for different issues.

    The one that I have found the most solid is the PresTeamShop one. We have several people using it and it seems to work well without any major bugs.

  • I am grateful for your honest words and answer.
    I really do not like to talk bad about modules or agencies. But in this case I already said that I am was in daily email support conversation with Knowband about issues I noticed in the first 15 minutes and they always responded in a way making me feel like an ape. That was no good experience and I will dig it not.
    ‘PresTeamShop one’ I forgot about. I had once a look at their OPC module ( a year ago or so) cause I bought their image compression module. I will check them since I know that their support is fine.

  • Sorry I may have started off saying they were OK
    As I bought their module and to be honest the only issues I had were SSL related and facebook log in ,both were sorted out within a week. The rest I can’t blame on them which is sales and google related

  • We use them, and I have nothing but praise. great module, very flexible, great support when needed. Yes there is a “pop up” for the final payment, but that is fine by me. They have even done quite a few little mods for me.

    I suppose the old addage is true, > ““You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.””

  • I use it on one of my Prestashop shops and it’s not very good. However, I spent ages looking for an alternative and unfortunately there isn’t better out there to suits us for the UK. I did look at the Brazilian one (PresTeamShop I think) but it didn’t support our payment gateway, which was a shame as it’s meant to be the best.

    We had a lot of trouble with the module not working with our store and had to give them access to fix incompatibilities (the only other module we had installed was the JPresta page cache) but they sorted it out eventually. I did however have to provide lots of detailed examples explaining the problems with screen grabs.

    We still get lots of problems on the checkout with ‘technical errors’, which come from the user changing the quantity in the cart - it seems the module really struggles with people removing products, changing their quantity when auto-cart rules come into affect and entering quantities directly into the box. There’s a delay in it processing and unfortunately customers can be impatient, which causes it to crash if they’re too quick.

    If I didn’t need our payment gateway support I’d jump ship from them.

  • What payment gateway are you using @DavidP ? Ok for others to know if they’re concidering buying an OPC-module 🙂

  • @Norwegian_Rat It’s SagePay we use, which is a UK based one. A lot of small companies use that in the UK as it’s not as restrictive as Stripe and not as cumbersome as WorldPay. It just seems it’s not well support by the module developers. There’s also a problem with it not working with php 7.1+ due to the use of mcrypt_encrypt instead of openssl_encrypt.

  • Well, I am not going to use it. Since Knowband is not willing to refund it I can sell it 😉

  • How much, @pedalman? Concidering a OPC myself you see 😊


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