No carriers available error

  • Hi,

    We migrated from PrestaShop 1.6.11 to TB in the hope that the dreaded PS “No carriers available error”, as eg mentioned here: would be fixed. Unfortunately, we still get the same error message.

    Does the forum have any ideas on how to fix it beyond the standard PS fixes, which unfortunately didn’t work for us?

  • Maybe your configuration is wrong. I don’t have any such problem. I would assume it’s “zone/country” problem…

  • I have a lot of experience fighting with the PS shipping setup, which is currently unchanged in 30bz 1.0.x.

    Did you make a copy of your site and migrate the copy as a test? If you have some sort of development or test website that is experiencing these problems I’d be happy to have a look at the carrier setup in the back office and in the database tables and see if I can tell you what has gone wrong, and how to fix it.

    If you’re interested we can work out a way for you to send me credentials so I can check things out.

    No guarantees I can fix it, but also no cost even if I do fix it. 🙂

  • Oh, wow! That’s super kind. I’ll send you a chat!

  • An update on this error with a semi-solution.

    I’ve noticed the “No carriers available” error is only for guests/non-logged in customers on the one-page checkout. This is because the shop doesn’t know what country the guest/non-logged in customer is, which in turn is the case because the carrier selector is before the address input field in the checkout. This can be fixed by not using the one-page checkout.

  • This module was mentioned by @30knees in our chat discussion. It was actually created because of a different discussion I had with the author on the PS forums about PS’ shipping problems.

    I haven’t bought the module yet or tried it out but it does fix a few big problems with the standard shipping system. Mainly:

    • Non-logged visitors are shown shipping costs in the shopping cart based on their IP address’ geo location. Currently PS just uses the default country which can lead to some very inaccurate results.
    • Logged in customers are shown shipping options that are valid for their country.
    • Doesn’t require any changes to the shipping system to work and is compatible with all carriers & carrier modules.

    I know the list of feature requests is very long but a way to show customers accurate shipping costs before they get to the checkout process would be very cool indeed.

  • We have this issue with our OPC on PrestaShop 1.6. I did a local hack to the OPC module to select a default region (we have different shipping rates for different regions) within our country based on the % of customers we see overall, for example if you got 70% of your deliveries from a certain area then make that the default. It’s not ideal but it’s better than no carrier available when the customer hits the OPC page.

    I think I saw a solution somewhere that used the IP address and put the suggested shipping rate on the product page but it was a lot of code. It’s probably similar to that module. This though still has the issues where the customer is behind a proxy, is on a dynamic IP or their company IP is not where the delivery is, ie buys in one region but wants shipping to a different, which happens a LOT in B2B. This module / change is more suited to B2C and localised B2B.

    I therefore think the best solution is a default country & region selection in the backend and a OPC that actually uses that data properly.

  • I don’t think there’s really a perfect solution, only “best solutions” for different types of businesses.

    We export globally and a system that guesses the customer’s location reasonably well would be a very big improvement over what PS does now. The module I linked to above works pretty well overall because for users that are already logged in it uses their shipping address but for guests it guesses based on IP geolocation. I would guess that most B2B businesses aren’t dealing with a lot of guest customers but I could be wrong.

    I think who it really wouldn’t work that well for are people who ship a lot domestically and who have different domestic shipping regions to work with. IP geolocation generally isn’t accurate enough for that type of separation. In that case a default region or just a message for guests saying that shipping is calculated at checkout is the only workable solution (apart from “free” shipping of course.)

  • HTML5 supports a geolocation API and there are public/free services allowing to translate that into a bureaucratic location: IPInfoDB, Google Geocoding.

  • Please forgive the thread hijack… I ran into it as I am having similar problem/issue. For me, I have everything locked down pretty tight as I will only be selling to 42 States inside the US. When I attempt to checkout from cart, I repeatedly get the error “There are no carriers that deliver to the address you selected.” I have tried selecting AK, WA and OH as delivery addresses and get the same message. In addition, as I was setting up shipping, I did not notice the “USE ONE OF OUR RECOMMENDED CARRIER MODULES” in the lower left and went ahead and created my own USPS. (I now essentially have “Shop/Pickup” and “USPS” as CARRIER options. After reading these threads, I went back to look at the “USE ONE OF OUR RECOMMENDED CARRIER MODULES” and discovered there are none and it reads “It seems there are no recommended carriers for your country.” - for what its worth, I am pretty sure this thing knows I am in Alaska USA. Another additional item I might add is that above “Create a custom carrier” it reads “thirty bees comes with a number of carrier modules that you can activate.” - I cannot find them. In Modules and Services the only item that comes up during visual and word search is “Tracking - Front Office 2.0” - which by the way, says that it needs to be updated, yet when I tell it to update, it replies that it is already up-to-date. Ohhh… one more thing (promise its the last one) Under Shipping-Carriers, the “Ranges” are for blocked for me now… not sure when this happened as I believe they were fields I could modify when I first installed. Now I get the red no/donteventhinkaboutit circle. Anyway, again my apologies for cutting in on someone else’s thread. I will be happy to move to a new thread if so desired. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Z

    Also using tb 1.0.1 installed from Softaculous and hosted on a2

  • @DavidP said in No carriers available error:

    I did a local hack to the OPC module to select a default region (we have different shipping rates for different regions) within our country based on the % of customers we see overall, for example if you got 70% of your deliveries from a certain area then make that the default. It’s not ideal but it’s better than no carrier available when the customer hits the OPC page.

    Would you mind sharing the code to the solution? I like the One Page Checkout, but it’s just not usable as it is right now.

  • @30knees Sorry I did the change to the knowband OPC and not the TB OPC on our PrestaShop 1.6 store so the changes aren’t relevant to TB.

  • The error is back, unfortunately, and we are no longer using OPC.

    I have the country, a zone, and a carrier. Any ideas for the trouble shooting?




  • Make sure the product can allow that carrier under the shipping tab.

  • The database entries under tb_country for two countries that belong to the same zone with the same carrier, where one works (Poland) and the other doesn’t (Italy) are also the same. Is there any other place in the database I can check?

  • Is the country enabled? Can you make any carrier ship to italy?

  • The product can allow all carriers and the country is enabled. If I move the country to another carrier I get the same message.


  • Are you logged in with any payment method like paypal or amazon?

  • I solved the problem, and I think this is a bug.

    “State required” was activated. When I turned it off, I tried checking out, but that didn’t work. Then I thought of going back into the address and saving the address again without the “state” field. That worked.

    But why would having the state activated cause this problem?

  • Because it is halting the checkout because a state is not filled out.


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