Set up help

  • I installed the module and added the api key. It now says the module is synced on the shop tab. However there are no products to sync on the products tab and it has N/A under the Sync remaining products, Sync all products, and reset headings. It is the same for the carts and orders. How can I get mailchimp to talk to the db? Thank you.

  • I figured it out. You have to create the subscriber list on mailchimp first. I thought that the module would create the list automatically. Once you have the subscriber list created on mailchimp and have synced that then the products, carts and order lists are automatically created and can be exported.

  • @mdekker I guess it was a pretty convoluted question, I was tired last night 😞 .

    The thing that threw me off was the image of the shop settings in the blog. It has “do not sync” under list and that is what mine looked like. It wasn’t until I saw tomik’s screen shot in the other post that I realized that what I had was not right. Because I didn’t see any way to create the list in the module I went to mailchimp to do it. I guess if you have been using mailchimp and have a list already there it wouldn’t be an issue as it would show up as soon as you put in your api key.


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