Product price format different in product page

  • In product page the formatted price with symbol comes from product.js which returns different than the way Smarty does.
    This cause a bug with Israeli shekel because when using it in RTL language the direction is RTL and the symbol need to have a space between the price and the currency symbol (because the symbol needs to be on the left side of the price).

    the content is from smarty “{convertPrice price=$productPrice|floatval}” and the price is from product.js
    <span id=“our_price_display” class=“price” itemprop=“price” content=“‏59.66 ₪‎”>₪‎59.66</span>
    alt text

  • Thanks so much for all your RTL efforts!

    This looks like we are going to need a very strong focus on RTL. I have made a new project for RTL on GitHub to make sure we can collect all the items and get them into 1.0.x as soon as possible.

    Would you mind reporting all these issues again on GitHub? Use the main repo, even if it is theme-related. We can then collect them all in the project and make sure we do not forget any. Thank you!

  • Ok, I’ve created github issues in the main repo.
    Hope I didn’t miss anything.

    btw, now that you have a demo site, I think you should deal with this issue:

  • Thank you!


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