Product price format different in product page

  • In product page the formatted price with symbol comes from product.js which returns different than the way Smarty does.
    This cause a bug with Israeli shekel because when using it in RTL language the direction is RTL and the symbol need to have a space between the price and the currency symbol (because the symbol needs to be on the left side of the price).

    the content is from smarty “{convertPrice price=$productPrice|floatval}” and the price is from product.js
    <span id=“our_price_display” class=“price” itemprop=“price” content=“‏59.66 ₪‎”>₪‎59.66</span>
    alt text

  • Ok, I’ve created github issues in the main repo.
    Hope I didn’t miss anything.

    btw, now that you have a demo site, I think you should deal with this issue:


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