Needed for new users - updates should be included in new installations of latest version

    • I’ve been reading several posts and see that there are various fixes and updates for many issues.

    Are these updates being incorporated into the very latest thirty bees install as soon as they are discovered and fixed? Whether they are minor issues or not, when brand new visitors come along, how would they know where to start with updates?

    If you don’t incorporate all the updates into the initial install and the initial migration tool, can you notify us in one summary post per day or per week as to what we should update?

    To me, constant updates are a major concern, since I’m still working on getting my products on my original site. I want to wait to install thirty bees or migrate until I have at least one working site.

    If I’m understanding correctly, I can install thirty bees and import my categories and products, as well as copy the contents of my CSS pages and other information from my current site over to thirty bees. Is this correct?

    I’m not a programmer or software developer, so it isn’t as easy for me to play around with code as it is for many people here.

    Thank you very much for all the help each of you provide!

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    As far as I can see, all bugfixes go into the 1.0.x branch. Every now and then a release is made from this branch. As it has happened with 30bz 1.0.1 just recently.

    So yes, these fixes end up in releases.

  • @Traumflug that’s good to know. Just yesterday Michael and somebody else were talking about something wrong with PayPal and it was fixed. Since I only use PayPal I’m hoping that is in the latest install.

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    Upgrading modules is even easier: just go to the page listing modules. This connects to the modules server and looks for upgrades. If there are upgrades, the modules’ menu will turn from ‘Configure’ to ‘Upgrade’. Selecting this executes the upgrade.

  • That sounds extremely helpful! Maybe I’m not lost in a forest after all. :)

  • Are these cookies related to thirtybees?

    0_1495427934028_allow these cookies for thirty bees?.jpg

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    Well, click on that triangle to the left to open their description. This should also tell where these cookie come from.

  • Thank you @Traumflug I did that originally but it didn’t show anything helpful so I Googled each and one is related to Buffer and the other to Crowdfire. Buffer says that this is how Google interprets their cookies. They are add ons in my google toolbar. Problem Solved.

    This is what one cookie looks like when opened:
    0_1495544608033_Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 8.59.01 AM.jpg

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    Uh, this jgnbklef... should be the domain. U-oh.

    I’d delete them and keep an eye on when they reappear. Only bugs with a known set of steps to reproduce them can be fixed.

  • It’s screwy but:

    Crowdfire - Chrome Web Store…/jgnbklefkgedfbpjebhjgibfnobjcbli?hl=e
    Rating: 4.1 - ‎53 votes - ‎Free - ‎Chrome

    I have their chrome extension. Same for

    Buffer 2.13.27 crx for chrome |
    Buffer is the best way to share great content

  • Buffer support just emailed me that they will look into it.

  • Reply received from Buffer:

    "Yes, you are right that it is a Buffer cookie. We have the same string of letters at the end of the link to download our extension: "" This is string is how Chrome recognizes our extension. When you search your Cookies area for “Buffer,” this odd cookie should also pop up.

    I’m sorry for the oddness with it, and I just wanted to make sure you knew that it’s a legitimate cookie so you don’t have trouble in the future."

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