30Bz User Manual

  • Hi,
    I am totally new.
    Installation is OK
    New I would need Info. on general use,settings etc.
    Am I correct in saying that at the moment a manual for
    30Bz is not jet available ? Could not find any info in the Web Page or Forum.
    Sorry for using these 2Words here.
    But can I use PS16 manual to get started?

  • Hello
    Yeah thirty bees is a new fork. So the docs aren’t progressed that much yet: http://docs.thirtybees.com/

    Of course at the moment you will find some Info in the PS manual as well. If you have any specific question, feel free, to ask it here!

  • Hi, OK
    that’s what I thought. No problem. I’ll find my way through all this. I need to get the basics.
    Thanks for the link. That will lead the way at the moment.
    If I do get stuck I’ll look though the forum first.
    🙂 … if I ask all the question I have at the moment, I would fill up
    the forum an my own. I would need to spend a round of Coffee. 🙂
    Thanks & best regards

  • Hi
    I need to apologies.
    Info & Instruction manual
    If one can Look & read,… can be an advantage.
    I just took note that all is standing alongside in the Dashbord.

  • Correct, you can use the PS 1.6 user docs to get started. In order to get the documentation complete as soon as possible, our priorities are as follows (in this particular order):

    • developer documentation
    • native modules documentation
    • designer documentation
    • user documentation

    The developer documentation comes first, because this was just lacking. Then our native modules, because these are all the new things you will not find any documentation about elsewhere. The designer docs basically get a higher priority, because PS’s user guide is almost complete already.


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