30Bz User Manual

  • Hi,
    I am totally new.
    Installation is OK
    New I would need Info. on general use,settings etc.
    Am I correct in saying that at the moment a manual for
    30Bz is not jet available ? Could not find any info in the Web Page or Forum.
    Sorry for using these 2Words here.
    But can I use PS16 manual to get started?

  • Hello
    Yeah thirty bees is a new fork. So the docs aren’t progressed that much yet: http://docs.thirtybees.com/

    Of course at the moment you will find some Info in the PS manual as well. If you have any specific question, feel free, to ask it here!

  • Hi, OK
    that’s what I thought. No problem. I’ll find my way through all this. I need to get the basics.
    Thanks for the link. That will lead the way at the moment.
    If I do get stuck I’ll look though the forum first.
    🙂 … if I ask all the question I have at the moment, I would fill up
    the forum an my own. I would need to spend a round of Coffee. 🙂
    Thanks & best regards

  • Hi
    I need to apologies.
    Info & Instruction manual
    If one can Look & read,… can be an advantage.
    I just took note that all is standing alongside in the Dashbord.


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