Does ThirtyBees support LSCache in Litespeed?

  • Hi,

    I’m going to be switching to a new host in the next month and am looking at enabling Litespeed as it’s got the LSCache for PrestaShop. Is this feature going to be obsolete with ThirtyBees or is it still recommended to have Litespeed enabled?


  • Best was to find out is to try it. 30bz has a new cache mechanism and removed an old one, so we’d love to hear how well it works compared to Litespeed.

  • WOW, great answer! Thank you for posting this as having Litespeed limited my choice of servers so wanted to check before I went to a company with less flexibilty but offered Litespeed. I’ve seen the performance boost Litespeed can give to Magento and seeing that it had a PrestaShop module instantly sold me but with us going to switch to ThirtyBees in a few months I wanted to make sure I wasn’t jumping to something that would be obsolete.


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