Compatibility with PS

  • If Thirty Bees is a fork of PrestaShop 1.6, why Bees Blog is not compatible with PS ?
    I tried to install Bees Blog in Prestashop and I got the following errors:
    “beesblog (parse error in /modules/beesblog/beesblog.php)
    beesblog (class missing in /modules/beesblog/beesblog.php)”

    Thank you.

  • Much of 30bz is being rewritten to fix the bugs, security holes, and performance problems that exist in PS 1.6.x. The rewrite is being done in such a way that it remains mostly compatible with PS 1.6.x but there are extensions and new features being added to 30bz that don’t exist in PS 1.6.x. Being able to do this is the reason for the fork.

    The result of the rewrite and extensions is that while many (but far from all) PS 1.6.x modules & themes will work on 30bz there will be lots of things that 30bz can do that PS 1.6.x can’t – including the blog.

    You should try 30bz on a separate server and see what you think. The performance and other improvements are seriously impressive and will only get better from now.

  • i agree, you should be going PS > TB not the other way around 😄


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