TB ready for production use?

  • I have been following for awhile and since I have no intention of upgrading to presta 1.7 (ever) as I really am just tired of all of their issues. I do like the Prestashop framework though and it seems like the TB devs actually want to fix the underlying PS issues.

    I am about to develop a new site and was wondering what the general opinion was. Is TB ready for production use or should I just stick with PS 1.6 for now? I will probably upgrade old sites sometime in the future or just redevelop them completely under TB.

  • In my opinion TB is much more ready than PS 1.6 has ever been. Just check so the modules work. Most do but not all due to the much cleaner code in TB

  • Well Tb is a improved 1.6. So yes it’s ready to use! For migration, as always: Just test it out!

    I am personally in the testing phase, but there are already live shops with tb and they say it’s stable. So no need to worry about.

  • Mine is very stable. had some module problems but the developer fixed them

  • Cool. I will test it out then. There really aren’t many modules I need that aren’t integrated but the ones I do are critical.

  • What does support look like aside from the forum? Are there plans for paid pro support in the future?

  • What kind of support are you tinking of?

    As far as I know there aren’t plans from thirty bees itself. What they offer is free! But ofc there will be coders, which offer support in return for money…

  • I’m with the others in this thread. We just migrated ourselves from PS on friday, and it went flawlessly.

    The only thing worth mentioning is that you should downgrade to PHP 7 if you’re on 7.1, and it might be wise to uninstall complicated modules and reinstall them after the migration. Not sure if this is a must, but some modules caused a little trouble for us in our test-environment. However; This might be because of different domains and us not updating the settings after we moved our live store to a test folder etc. Anyhow it’s not much work uninstalling and reinstalling a module just to be on the safe side. 🙂

  • @Norwegian_Rat PHP 7.1 isn’t a stable release anyway. Good for you! 🙂

  • It wasn’t exactly a huge sacrifice going from 7.1 to 7.0, @dprophitjr 😉


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