Different shipping rule for different categories

  • Hi,

    I realy miss the ability to set different shipping rules for different categories, like setting “Free shipping” for a category, and when the customer buys different products one with free shipping and one without, then the shipping rule for one without “Free shipping” would be applied. Is it something you are looking at, and will include it in near future, or do we need to buy a custom made module for it? Thank you.

  • You can do this by setting “available carriers” for each product already. Set a free carrier and a non-free carrier for the product which allows free shipping, and only a non-free carrier for the other product(s).

  • What if customer buy only products which are free delivery?

  • @MockoB said in Different shipping rule for different categories:

    What if customer buy only products which are free delivery?

    The customer will see two carrier options, one free and one not free as all products in the cart will have free and non-free shipping options available.

  • It is logical, yes 🙂 but I believe @unica-e-shop talks about more automated process, instead of forcing the customer at the dilemma if he choose free or non free shipping 🙂

  • Unfortunately the Prestashop shipping system is quite weak. If you have items in your store that require a separate carrier (oversize items, for example) then the checkout will crap itself if a customer tries to buy one “special carrier” item together with a “normal carrier” item.

    If the checkout can’t find at least one carrier shared by all items in the cart it will try to combine different carriers together and give a total price, but it won’t show any text to the customer explaining what the different shipping options being proposed are. 😒

  • @Traumflug I know that option, but when you have to set shipping for over 200 different products then, it is extremely time consuming. I am asking for integrating the solution with thirty bees, becouse it is very useful.

    @MockoB Thanks for your understanding!

  • Or set an option under product page, like: Fri shipping? which you could enable or disable, as it please you.

  • when you have to set shipping for over 200 different products then, it is extremely time consuming.

    OK, that’s understandable. A more general solution would be to allow editing multiple products in one operation. That’s indeed a worthwhile feature missing. And not exactly trivial to implement, because all properties not edited have to keep their values. I fear there’s no quick solution in sight.

    Another one I’ve seen with PS 1.7 is that shop software chooses the correct set of available carriers, but doesn’t preselect the cheapest one on the order page. Didn’t try with 30bz, yet.

  • PS and TB both offer a “speed grade” setting in the database (the column name is “grade” and it is the last column in the tb_carrier table) that doesn’t actually seem to be used for much in the checkout process. If there are different shipping options that share the same speed grade it would be great if the system automatically combined these together into a shipping option for the customer.

    Ideally there would be a way to assign a name to a given speed grade. Speed Grade 6 = “Express Mail”, Speed Grade 4 = “Airmail”, etc. Then when speed grades are combined together the Speed Grade description is shown to the customer. This would allow stores to have “free shipping” for some items and “billed shipping” for other items and then present a unified & tidy shipping option list during checkout.

    Finally, if there are no shared speed grades between all items in the shopping cart then a system could be devised to offer reasonable shipping options to customers. For example, the highest speed grades combined together (cost for each one added together of course), followed by the lowest speed grade combined together. There are different ways this could be done but as long as the customer sees 2 or 3 different options it should be enough for most situations.


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