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  • Hi,

    Can anyone give me a push in the right direction?

    I use the default homeslider on some of my webshops. This slider is responsive, however the text isnt. When shown on mobile devices the slider is perfectly scaling but the text isnt. I tried different settings (html code) and compared these settings on other webshops but the problem stays.

    Its simple to add the text into the picture and then upload it, but thats not what i want as i am using different texts on the same picture, also the quality of the text is better when i use the text editor of the homeslider.

    Hopefully anyon can help me to set it up in the right way.

  • I think you could solve it with css media queries. Otherwise fluid typography could be helpful:

  • I use vw size settings. It scale automatically but tend to be too small quickly

  • I solved this by removing parts of the text on smaller viewports. On a small screen one sees the headline, only. On a medium sized screen headline and teaser, on large screens all three text parts. Can be combined with scaling, of course.

  • I have never used the two first ones. But realize that need something because the hype to use smartphones for web surfing. I don’t even own a smartphone, I use the mobile to make calls and send text, nothing else. I don’t need to waste time to check the phone all the time, I manage anyway. But that is probably a question about age
    But it is funny to sit outside the supermarket and study people coming and going. If they are under 40 95% has a big smartphone in the hand, over fifty has a small mobile in the pocket or in the belt.

  • i never used this, i only have used vw(volkswagen) but thats another thing 🙂

    I will have to study again to implement this 😞

  • I don’t need to waste time to check the phone all the time

    Web developer tools built into Firefox (at least on Ubuntu) have a “test screen sizes” mode which emulates small screens in a large desktop window. That’s not 100% the same as a real phone, but very close. Another option is to make the desktop window very narrow, of course.

    Testing with phone sizes is always a good idea, because screen layouts become entirely different. Link lists in the footer vanish into a menu, texts in the header get reduced to just an icon, such stuff.

  • Marcus, you referred to my comment about my use of smartphone that is 0. But I am very aware of the use of small screens among the human race 😉 And have tried to make my new project usable in such devices


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