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    I just installed the blog module and it looks solid :grinning: :thumbsup: Still I want to share improvements ideas:

    • Preview a post for author. This is very helpful when you are creating a post, but don’t want it to publish yet.
    • Author widget. Instead of just showing blank name, it would be nice to have an avatar & little description.
    • Translation option. You offer a field “available for these languages”. That’s a very nice feature, but I would disable it, if user has only one languaged installed. I would also consider, to preselect default language.
    • Link blog with ecommerce. I think in the longer run, the blog should be linked deeper with the ecommerce system. It’ should be easy, to insert links to a product. Also reversed: to insert blog posts on categories or products pages.
    • Shortcodes. This is related with the previous point. It would be amazing to have a shortcode system, which devs/designer could use. Imagine of something like this: [small_list id_category=12 products=5]

    How do you like about my ideas? Feel free to add your own in this thread!

  • i agree with all. Especially the ‘link with e-commerce’ feature. I sell educational board games and write about how to use board games in schools. I would indeed like to have the possibility to link the game i write about to the article

  • Your ideas are terrific @wakabayashi

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    Some nice ideas!

    • Preview used to be a feature, but we removed that last-minute. The permission to preview an item was linked to the customer email. (If customer email = admin email, show). But as you can guess, what if someone just creates and account with an email that happens to be an employee? Yah, that’s a prob! So we have now begun testing on reading the back office cookie and check the employee’s status instead and use that for previewing.

    • Author widget is nice. We want to use Gravatar for it. No idea actually why it didn’t land in the first version. I think we forgot.

    • Yeah, language field should definitely be disabled for one language and have some defaults.

    • Yes, linking to products/categories should go both ways.

    • Shortcodes are awesome, but I don’t think the core is ready for it, yet. We’ll likely combine it with a widget system in the future.

  • The following usability would be interesting:

    • Integration with social media, mainly facebook, instagran and google +
    • Comments coming from facebook or instagran
    • Add related products
    • SEO Improvement (Meta Title, Meta Tag)
    • Short description to be visible on the homepage
    • small blocks and squares instead of list, force images into thumbnails (improve design)

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    @wakabayashi I had introduced @mdekker to and I think he has to study it further. If you’re familiar with it, you just have to have a link on a single line to display a nice block about the source link on the page.

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