New install of tb - not yet configured - install 3rd party theme first?

  • I have a theme in mind that I’d like to install (before the prices go up, which they always do when I wait too long!) so, thirty bees is installed in my test site.

    I haven’t done much of anything else except update the modules that had updates. I also updated the copyright since I found it by accident.

    Would it be best to install the new theme first before configuring everything else? I plan on copying the text for cms pages from my live site, if that matters.

  • It is possible that many of your changes of the default theme will not affect your custom one, because many of them come with their own modules, sliders etc. If you plan to add just products, categories and CMS pages it wouldn’t affect the new theme I believe, but any front end modifications will be lost because all of them are preconfigured.
    Of course it is just my opinion, there are much more knowledgeable ppl here which could tell 🙂

  • You sound knowledgeable to me. Thank you for this advice!


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