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Blackhole for bots module permissions

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I was checking the files and folders in the server and I've noticed most of files & folders of Blackhole badbot module have permissions set to 777. Shouldn't it be 775 for folders and 644 for files?

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Well, it was something bigger than this:

All modules installed with function "Add a new module" from modules section in the back office, uploading zip files, had wrong permissions, all set to 777. Only config.xml files had 644 permissions. Some other files had 644 permissions (but very few, just one or two per module).

Modules installed from list all have correct permissions.

I've corrected manually everything, but has anyone an idea of why happens this?

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11 hours ago, cprats said:

So should I change again all files to permission 777? 😓

Definitely not. I was just answering your question why this happens. It doesn't mean that this is correct behaviour 🙂

Moreover, the two installation methods -- installing from zip file and installing from remote repository -- should be unified and work in the same way. Right now they use different code with different results. For example, if you update module from thirtybees repository, its directory is deleted and then re-created from scratch. This means that *any* assets that module might store inside its directory are lost (for example uploaded files).

I'll create new github issue for this

EDIT: actually there is already an issue for this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/522

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