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I am trying to adjust the fields in the address form.
No matter what I do I cannot add more fields as I was used to do


Adding these fields above into the Nation address format box produces no results in the form to add an address, none of those extra fields is shown in the address form.

For curiosity I tried to add also all possible extra fields in order to see if any would work, over a limit the list of fields is cut when saving (getting back in the configuration page I see that is truncated, but that is ok), problem is that then in the address form none of those other extra fields too is visible.

By the way, just as a test, I tried to remove fields and left only name and surname, by my surprise in the address form the fields that are usually shown by default were all present anyway, so tried to remove all fields and again were all shown except name and surname (this test just to see the general behaviour...)

I'd like the clients to indicate their website and alternative (legal) email, have an extra other info field, but I need to recycle one of the extra fields for legal purposes as now I need to allow the clients to input a special new code for invoices (is optional but strongly advised to have it for practical and legal reasons)

Any hint about why this happen and how to solve it?

Thank you



I have seen that the fields that have Customer as prefix do appear and are working fine in the Customer section, however all extra fields of the address section are not show

Edited by Raymond
after test observation

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