New Top menu sucks

  • PS use its native Top Menu in all versions. It is easy to configure using drag and drop. In TB is used another Top Menu that is a nightmare load with categories. You have to create them one by one or…? We were thinking of migrating one shop to TB. It has 134 categories in all. Not possible to do manually

  • Is there anyone that understand how the new Community Top menu should work? Any kind of documentation somewhhere

  • I haven’t tested it, to be honest. But I am surprised that you like the Prestashop Menu more.

    If you don’t like the old menu, you can install the menu from Prestashop… Should be working!

  • Hi!
    I like the menu its no problem, but manually one by one add the categories is not something I am impressed of. If also subs has to be done manually then I have 184 to do. I can use my time better I must say.

    I took the old one but I have a problem. I dont know if it is TB or something else

    Have a look at where I test. The link to the subcats does not work.

  • If you click on home you will find a test product. Click on it. Look what happens to the breadcrumbs. The test product has one category, Fantasy

  • I dont see the problem, but maybe I don’t get your problem right!? The link to the subcats in the breadcrumb are working. If you want to show this product up, you have to add it to all categories.

  • Actually I see what you mean, the link in the address bar has just 2 categories and they are 5 in the breadcrumbs. I tried to represent your issue but I couldn’t, in my case always both are equal. About the top menu, when you create your product tree in catalog/categories you just need to add 7 parent categories in your case. In prestashop you add those 7 with mouse, plese correct me if I’m wrong.

  • You were a little late. Problem is fixed. But the menu you see is the old one.

    For the new one, lets take our example

    We have 7 Parent categories which should be shown in the menu. plus the sub cats, the total is 184. In the old menu, go to the menu config page mark the seven parents and click on add. Voila all is done and the menu is filled as it should. The layout you can change if you want as I has done in the test theme.

    How is this done in the new menu?

  • Yes, that is what I meant. In prestashop you add those 7 with mouse click and in thirtybees you should write all 7 categories manually. All other subcategories associated with them should be added automatically. When you adding category in Top menu items you should add the entity ID which should be the ID of the parent category you already created. Of course you should use category tree for category type and needed depth of the category tree. I hope I understood your question and didn’t told you something you already know 🙂

  • No its OK. When you get old like me you get lazy and conservative and want all to be like before. Anyway I understand how it is suppose to work. So next shop we migrate will be a test.

    One thing is for sure, I love the Speed of the BO

    And I now have a xml import module written for us, the good oes on PS is too expensive. With 5500 products you need to import them ofc

    Really looking forward to see where this will go. It can be a hit. We started ten years ago with OsCommerce that was a nightmare

    Have a nice evening

  • @MockoB Just to see how the new menu worked I installed a clean TB on another domain I have laying around for the future.
    I uploaded some categories and then filled in the new menu with one category name and ID. Also the hoover funktion for the submenu is activated. The result can be seen at Look also what happend in the footer

    Is this a bug somewhere


  • Whoa! Are those categories all at the same level? Actually I’d like to propose a footer like on
    It was a simple hack, but works great as it’s pretty easy to divide the categories. Would that be better?

  • @Havouza Thanks for your feedback btw. I did like the freedom which the new module provides and the simplicity, but it seems to make displaying lots of categories become clumsy. Maybe we could port some of the other top menu module into it.

  • When that many categories exist in the same level (almost) everything you do will be difficult to deal with.
    IMO in these cases vertical is not the way to go. It is much better to go horizontal.
    Take a look for example at where nemo deals with manufactors.
    If this was my site and I had @mdekker to code for me I would place a 100% horizontal bar with the first letter only like nemo has for manufcators and when the user clicks on the letter the submenu would open. This would display only the first letter of the EXISTIING categories to save space.So if you have a few categories beginning with the same letter then a 1/4 or 2/4 block would be ok. Otherwise put the 100% categories bar at the end let it open when you click on the letter.

  • @mdekker The problem is that there is only 7 categories on the same level. All others are sub categories and somethiing go wrong somewhere

  • @Havouza in preferences/top menu item/item type/ you should choose category tree or flat tree to have the drop down menu like prestashops’ top block and of course the tree depth. The interesting part is those categories in the footer, personally I don’t need them in the footer. And the option in module “community theme configuration” was swiched off. Unfortunately the categories were shown in the footer, I had to swich the option on and save than off and save and they disspared. So that is diffinitely a bug so @mdekker you can reproduce it and check what is the reason for such behavior. I found some other bugs and will post them soon, it would be nice to see them solved one by one soon so be able to start live shop in near future 🙂

  • @MockoB Hi!
    Now I see how it works and its OK. The footer categories also got fixed with the on-save-off trick. Thanks

  • Well, because you all clearly hated it we have reverted to the previous top menu for 1.0.1

    Thanks for the feedback!


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