Server problem

  • @mdekker Here is the information you asked for:

    .htaccess 0_1495771852699_.htaccess


    The theme is a copy of the 1.0 default theme.

  • When using login with PayPal after inputting the paypal information a 404 error is returned and the customer is not logged in.

    When checking out with PayPal the store logo is not present on the PayPal login page. The order is processed correctly (payment is received, the customer is emailed) but the customer is returned to the login page instead of the order confirmation page. Also if the address is different in PayPal than what the customer puts in the tb order information PayPal does not return the address, (I am not sure if that is a bug or just the way it is supposed to be).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  • @mdekker When I first set up Amazon payments and PayPal I had problems. The PayPal one was related to a bug which you fixed (missing code) and then PayPal worked fine. It may have broken when I upgraded to 1.01 or it may have happened with the PayPal upgrade. I didn’t check it until after the PayPal upgrade.

    The Amazon issue was on their end and is now fixed.

    The other url problem I have is that the blog category page pulls up the post_default image instead of the post_list_item image.

  • Update: I tested it with the live configuration.

    In the PayPal Payments standard the logo was a question mark on the first page in PayPal then disappeared completely after login. The order went straight from the PayPal welcome screen which asks for address confirmation to the completed order page. It skipped the review your order before you pay page.

    In the express checkout everything proceded as it should.

    The login does not work. It still returns the 404 page, and does not log the customer in.

  • /index.php?fc=module&module=paypal&controller=logintoken?authentication&code=C21AAFQzs0RjFWpmQKUXA_sNrt0Llmdd0taOMd7YmOpKCL1KSm-UZJ9j7cwWu7f4bOrPkx4jiVpbV2r8r0WObqmqNeobdsTLQ&

  • I am going to update the theme to the default theme in 1.01. It is a modification of the default theme in 1.0. Maybe something was updated in the default theme that needs to be updated in my theme.

  • @mdekker Well it isn’t the theme. I ran a comparison of the two themes and the only differences are purely cosmetic. Did you see anything strange in the htaccess file? It looked normal to me.

  • @mdekker Hi, I am not really following this conversation.
    But I am looking at the URL @jnsgioia posted and I am wondering if this part ok? “controller=logintoken?authentication”

  • In checking the error file I found this error message: Property PayPalModule\PayPalCustomer->id_customer is empty at line 1022 in file classes/ObjectModel.php

    It was logged when I tried to use the Express checkout as a guest. When I used the express checkout before I used it as a registered customer. As a guest I got a payment failure notice.


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