• This is the blog module from kpodemksi. I have some issues to make it work.

    It seems to be caused by the rewrite system. Unfortunately this module now even breaks other frontControllers.

    For example I get: Fatal error: Call to a member function isAccessGranted() on null in /home/genzo/public_html/modules/ph_simpleblog/controllers/front/single.php on line 33

    But when commenting this function out, I get a 404 error.

    @mdekker could you solve this?

  • mdekker could you solve this?

    I’m not mdekker, but I think one should ask module authors to fix their modules.

  • I doubt he will fix it, since he doesn’t even upgrade his module anymore…

  • It’s a rewrite regex collission. It’s not a good idea to just name it rewrite in a module, because it is already used by products, categories, etc.

    Maybe we could fix it from thirty bees’ side. Gotta research that. In the meanwhile I can give you a version that’s been made to work with tb.

  • These errors will affect other PS modules that deal with URLs aswell, @mdekker.

  • Yes, time to search for something better.

  • @moy2010 said in ph_simpleblog:

    These errors will affect other PS modules that deal with URLs aswell, @mdekker.

    Do you have some actual names of modules that are known to be incompatible, btw?

  • I ran into this issue myself.

    It’s pretty easy to fix this rewrite error. You need to change 2 lines:

    In: modules/ph_simpleblog/ph_simpleblog.php -> hookModuleRoutes

            'module-ph_simpleblog-single' => array(
                'controller' => 'single',
                'rule' =>       $blog_slug.'/{sb_category}/{rewrite}',
                'keywords' => array(
                    'sb_category' =>       array('regexp' => '[_a-zA-Z0-9-\pL]*', 'param' => 'sb_category'),
                    'rewrite' =>        array('regexp' => '[_a-zA-Z0-9-\pL]*', 'param' => 'sb_rewrite'), //<--- change 'rewrite' to 'sb_rewrite'
                   //'rewrite' =>        array('regexp' => '[_a-zA-Z0-9-\pL]*', 'param' => 'rewrite'),
                'params' => array(
                    'fc' => 'module',
                    'module' => 'ph_simpleblog',

    In: modules/ph_simpleblog/controllers/front/single.php -> init

        $simpleblog_post_rewrite = Tools::getValue('sb_rewrite', 0); //<--- change 'rewrite' to 'sb_rewrite'
        //$simpleblog_post_rewrite = Tools::getValue('rewrite', 0);

    Thats it 🙂

  • Thanks Sir! That solved my problem…

  • A fix has been just been pushed to the repo and will be available with 1.0.2


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