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Remove language tag from url

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i am doing new shop with multilanguage. Main language is DE. Extra languages: FR and EN. Can i remove in default language DE tag from url? 

bad: shopname.com/de/category/product_name

good: shopname.com/category/product_name

good: shopname.com/en/category/product_name, shopname.com/fr/category/product_name....

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The only way to get rid of this language thing is to install only one language.

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Posted (edited)

@grestart ... not sure if it can help ... Prestatoolbox is signed here as a Thirty Bees compatible module developer, they have on their site a module called Block Multi languages / Multi domain for PS 1.5 / 1.6, that i think is aimed to do what you need, the counterpart is that the module is not updated from many years (2016), and (i bought this module for a friend in 2015) if you are not skilled a bit on Multishop and creating subdomain (you must own both domain.com and domain.de) it is also not easy to implement ...

I don't know if the developer likes to upgrade that module and make it compatible for TB (you can cotact to him and ask), but i think this is why he is signed on the partners page, and it is not a free module ... 🙂

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