Thirty bees, google page speed, custom theme

  • I plan to buy that template: with many custom modifications but I am little worried about its performance with google pagespeed insights. As you all know page speed is ranking factor and I don’t want to loose the competition before it has even started …
    I found the theme installed on many stores and all with pagespeed score lower than 30 on both desktop and mobile. So far the best performance I found is on that site: which is again tragic according google - 46/52 mobile/desktop.
    Do you think that thirty bees could bring significant performance improvement or it is all template issue and there is not many I can do about it? For example my current ps 1.5 store scores about 80 pts with custom theme and that is without any improvement.

  • I think you first question should be if such a custom theme will even work properly with 30bz. The more custom work done in a theme the higher the chance of having compatibility issues. Maybe talk to the designer and see if they are willing to test the theme on 30bz, if they will help you get it working on 30bz, and/or if they will offer a money-back guarantee if you can’t get the theme to work on 30bz.

    Once the compatibility is worked out the overall performance with 30bz should be higher than with PS, but exactly how much higher will depend on why the sites you mention are so slow.

  • I am pretty sure it will work with thirty bees, I tried nulled themes from the same developer on wamp and they work just fine. The modifications I need will be mostly redesign and some functionalities which are missing in thirty bees by default.
    The issues according google are with render blocking javascript and css, minify javascript and css. I think both are not well supported by thirty bees and ps … And that template has many javascript and css files. Also what if I use imagemagic, could I optimize images size or google will complain about their size also?
    The developer told me something about the htaccess file he have to play with for better performance … I don’t know if it has something to do with it?
    I plan to buy their most expensive plan and pay a lot of money for the modifications I need, so I don’t like the idea to spend my money just for the experiment 🙂

  • Please anyone advise me if ther is chance for that template to perform better. I already bought the company’s developer plan and I am $150 lighter 🙂 I need to know if I should continue give more if there isn’t good future for the template.
    @dprophitjr you seem to know what you are doing 🙂 please help me with advice.

  • I am no expert for PageSpeed. But when you try to optimize, you should test your template by activating “Profiling” in the backend. It will give you a lot of informations, which parts are lagging.

  • That is some very useful information, thanks! But I don’t think google is measuring same parameters. From that example above I saw there are issues with:

    1. Images optimization. - I believe it will be possible for me to shrink their size without loosing quality. But I am worried if it will not be the opposite when I use imagemagick module …
    2. There are some javascript files to minify. Is it possible to do that?
    3. Server response time is not connected with the template I believe.
    4. Eliminate render blocking css and javascript in above the fold content. There are 37 css blocking resources. Is it possible to be solved, I know there is option for that in performance page but is it working?
    5. Leverage browser caching ?!?!? WTF is that 🙂
    6. And minify CSS.

  • @MockoB reading might help you understand. It basically tells a computer’s browser to store these files locally in a temp folder instead of downloading again from the internet.

  • @dprophitjr said in Thirty bees, google page speed, custom theme:

    @MockoB reading might help you understand. It basically tells a computer’s browser to store these files locally in a temp folder instead of downloading again from the internet.

    @dprophitjr good article.

  • Yes, there are very good articles in that site.


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