"more" in product-list

  • Hi all,

    A very annoying issue with PS is that if you have attributes enabled and want to force the user to go to the product page so he can select them you have two options:

    1. Leave as it is by default. In this case in the product list page (and all pages that rely on that) the “add to cart” button is displayed. This IMO is wrong because this defeats the attributes purpose all together.
    2. Disable the button from the BO. Then no button is shown at all for the products in the product list with attributes. This IMO is also wrong as the user doesn’t understand that a) the product has attributes he has to select b) it can confuse the user as for the product that have attributes there is no button at all, but for products without attributes the “add to cart” button is disblayed given the impression that the product is out of stock.

    This could be easyaly fixed but simple adding the “more” button instead of nothing. I guess this is more of a template isssue. Is this the same in TB ? Is it that hard to add ?
    Man… I can’t wait for the migration tool to be finished so I can migrade my shops. There a issues like this that are too time consuming


  • I also got clients which are confused and claim that the products are out of stock because there isn’t “add to cart” button. At least there could be pop up message or something similar when adding product with attributes to the cart informing to choose the right option.

  • We hate the default value at all with attributes. That’s why we changed our theme massively. All our customers are forced to select the attribute. To build something like this in the core, would probably be helpful. One should have two options in backoffice for every attribute:

    • Use a default value (yes/no)
    • User is forced to choose this attribute (yes/no)

  • @wakabayashi Since you seem to know about themes could you help place a “more” button instead of blank ?

  • Which theme do you use?

  • ap_funiture. but the button section is the same as the default theme

  • can you please send a link to your store? It’s easier to help then…


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