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reCaptcha not working at all, ei captcha used as replacement

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Dear All

The TB reCaptcha module doesn't work for me at all. First of all: after installation, clearing the cache didn't get rid of the 500 error message. I had to delete the whole cache folder and re upload the one from the TB Zip file.

Then, configuration seems to work without problems. The captcha is displayed on the contact form as well, but it doesn't matter as I can do everything without clicking on the captcha at all. So it doesn't stop me from sending contact messages even though I haven't checked the captcha checkbox. It's there, but it's not working. I can send as many contact messages without ever touching the captcha to confirm me not being a robot.

Anyone else having the same issues? I have configured the module completely and set it to appear everywhere it can be configured to appear. I also have overrides enabled etc under performance. Luckily I can continue with ei captcha which I used for prestashop which is working as it should 😉

Here's the link for everyone else who's having trouble:


You'll have to use the latest version as previous versions were not working when JS was disabled!

All the best,


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