Paying Chinese Dropshipper

  • For my store I am having everything drop-shipped from China. I was wondering if anyone has recommendations on sending money to China without money to fees. I have considered paypal and that is about it so far.

  • Talk to the dropshipper and see how they expect to be paid. If they’re a legitimate dropshipping business then they will have various options available. Do NOT wire money, do NOT use BTC, do NOT send via Western Union, etc. Perhaps once you have a long standing relationship and have visited the company in person you might consider these options but you must understand they provide you with no protection at all, you assume all the risk.

  • Okay my wording was a little off. So the only people in this is me and the manufacturer. They mostly handle bulk orders but we started talking about me handling individual orders from the US. As far as not using those direct payments with no protection, I am well aware to stay away. So the reason we both do not know is we are both new to the situation. They normally take bulk orders on alibaba where the fee is minimal with such large orders, so on an order to order basis we dont know.


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