What Version Presta Themes Are Compatible

  • I was impressed by the speed of TB and wanted to give it a try for testing purposes. While at that I thought I should also ask, are all existing Presta themes compatible? If not, which versions would work with TB?

  • Do you want to start a new shop or migrate from ps? If you want to migrate, it’s only possible with 1.6 versions at the moment.

    PS 1.6 Themes work with tb! Since it’s a complicate matter there always be some little troubles. In this forum you will get the help, you need!

  • I’m starting a new store so it will be a clean installation. So, I should be ok with any version of theme/template for a clean installation or should I stick with a 1.6 and under to avoid any compatibility issues?

  • 1.7 does not work for sure as I remember

  • Ok, hopefully I will be able to find something below 1.7. Are there other things I should keep in mind, i.e theme using Smarty not supported, etc.

  • Yeah 1.7 is not compatible with tb. @Traumflug is working on 1.7 theme compability. He can tell you more.

    I clearly recommend you to start a clean tb installation and use a 1.6 theme. Depending of your skills, you can also develop your own theme ofc.

  • @Traumflug is working on 1.7 theme compability.

    Don’t expect anything soon. It’s a complicated matter, especially the set of Smarty variables offered to templates. This set changed by some 90% between 1.6 and 1.7 and offering both depending on the theme version is a rather intrusive change.

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