SEO Rewrites

  • Hello

    I wonder how do you handle the seo rewrites, when you migrate? I love the new feature, to remove ids from url and have all categories displayed.

    But I see that there is no automatic link redirect. So all my Google Results would lead to a 404 Page. Do I need to make this all manual with htacces and 301 redirects?

  • If you just migrate a shop, keeping the database from prestashop unchanged, then all the IDs will be kept. Then thirty bees should do automatic 301 redirects. If it doesn’t I would classify it as a bug.

    In our case we plan to start fresh with thirty bees, so all the IDs will be different. The plan is then indeed to add a crapload of 301 redirects.

  • For me it’s not working…

    To all who migrated: Have you the same problems?

  • At this point you will have to manually redirect the urls if you use the new system. We tried to put automatic redirects in place, but it was really buggy and problematic.


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