Method for two shipping options for same order, where one is mandatory?

  • How do I set up two shipping methods for the same order?

    For instance, if someone orders a perishable item and a non-perishable item: perishable has to go FedEx ground or faster depending on the location of the customer, but the customer also orders products that can go USPS first class mail or Priority Mail for which I may give them free shipping.

  • Anyone? :)

  • The first part is easy by only allow FedEx for these products. But the second I dont thik is doable if you dont disable fedex on these products

  • I haven’t installed a FedEx carrier yet but I can specify it for the perishable products. I’m not sure how to disable FedEx from the rest of my products.

  • @alwayspaws If you click on edit next to the product in the back office in the product pane on the left hand side is a tab for shipping. Click on it and down near the bottom are two boxes labeled available carriers you can select the carriers you want and move them to the box on the right hand side and any you do not select will be disabled.

  • @jnsgioia - Thanks. I’ve done that before for a few products, but it’s too labor intensive to disable a carrier one product at a time.

    I’m getting nowhere fast. Does anyone know of a free FedEx or UPS module / addon?

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