Bug fixes - Advanced stock Management

  • Hi,

    You stated that there were about 2000 bug fixes in thirty bees. Is there any changelog where these can be read?

    I am struggling with the Advanced stock Management in Prestashop. Seems to be some bugs not being fixed. According to the forums these bugs have been there for years.

    Are these fixed in thirty bees? For example stock not being updated when changing status to “order receive completely” if there is no price?

  • Hi, I have found two strange behaviours.

    If I do get an order on a product not in stock (with orders allowed) the stock count is set to “-1”.

    When I receive the goods from my supplier I do sometimes send the order product before reporting incoming goods.

    When I later on report incoming goods of 1 product to the stock it updates and becomes 1, not 0 as It should.

    I do see two solutions. Either it shouldn’t be possible to send an order that has no physical stock cause the product hasnt been reported as incoming yet or secondly the stock should be counted correctly and stay at 0, not 1.

    Also, sometimes when I use the stock management and change the amount of stock it says it has been updated and the following page also adds stock but when I check in front office nothing happens.

    I then have to go to the catalogue/product/quantities/ and change the radio button to set the stock manually and save and the change back to advanced stock management and save to get the update.

  • It might be helpful to @mdekker if you give links to the PS forum thread(s) with discussions about these bugs. More details might be there and more bug discussions might be there too.

  • These bugs I mentioned now I do struggle with in my own live shop. Running Prestashop

    I can search​ the Prestashop forum this weekend and see if I can find them again. I have run across them when searching over time so I haven’t saved them.

  • We have talked to a couple of merchants about the ASM bugs. What we have come up with is that we need them to migrate to thirty bees and we need to monitor their shops and the errors. It makes it so much easier to have some shops that we work with in production to fix the bugs.

  • I haven’t dared to change yet but I have read the threads here in the forum about setting up a testsite and think I will manage to do that myself now.

  • I personally know that there are bugs in it and I would not recommend turning it on now. What we are going to end up doing is making it a project. We are going to get a few shop owners to set it up when we are ready and can devote the time, then we are going to provide on demand bug fixes for the system. That is going to be the best way to handle it in my opinion, but it is not something we can handle at the moment.

  • FWIW there are some ASM fixes in PS released a couple of days ago. Dunno if they´re any good, but might be worth a look.

  • We have looked over them, they are aimed at limiting it. Our goal is to fix it and expand it. I really feel like they are at a point where they are hiding issues they cannot fix instead of fixing them. So we have had to stop merging from them because they have introduced so many bugs and regressions.

  • I am only using one warehouse and it would be enough with the lighter stock management for me but then I do have the other problem that I have talked about in another thread. Some kind of ERP or help with supplier orders and to report incoming goods.

    Maybe I can help you later on and set up a test site when you have the time for this project but I think I need to solve this problem right now also in some way. Maybe turn it off and try finding a good ERP too sync with.


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