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Chrome Audits (Lighthouse) gives 404 error for category images

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Testing with Google Audits (Lighthouse) I've noticed that the category images, perfectly showing when Crhome charges the page, do not show after an audit is performed, and they show up again when you close the right window of the audit. Here what I say (and I take as example the thirtybees demo site https://front.thirtybees.com/ ). Mine has the same problem, while others don't. Under "best practices" section, messages warn this:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Does anyone have any idea of why this happens?


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Possibly it is not worth it: it labels as "vulnerabilities" libraries Bootstrap@3.3.7 and jQuery@1.11.0, but most probably Google relies on this tool for SEO.

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