Product can't Add To Cart in mobile version

  • I have a clear instalation of TB. Everythings looks OK. But in mobile version on default theme Product can’t Add To Cart in when click ot add to cart button. NO popup with choice to continue shoppung or checkout. I’ve try this actions with other themes, but the result is the same. Many tymes try this with clear instalations, but no change. The shopping cart is still empty. Is there a bug for mobile versions?

    Please help…

  • This can be caused by many factors like theme or browser… Please give us more Informations. A link would be helpful, so I can test with my own phone.


    This bug is on chrome browser may be

  • I can’t confirm this bug. Here it works as it should. But your site seems to be slow. Sometimes when I add the product to cart, it takes like 10 seconds to pop up. But it def. comes on my phone.

  • Yes I comfirm that is not a bug. I’'ve tryed on different phone, and everything is OK. Thanks a lot


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