Smarty {$base_dir}

  • Hello

    Is it true, that we have two differnt variables for base dir? {$base_dir} and {base_dir_ssl}?

    Isn’t that problematic? If I want to use it in my theme, I don’t know which I should chose. On some I may have ssl on some not…

    Shouldn’t we just have one and check in php, if ssl is activated?

  • But when you set shop url you set the same to both with and without ssl. Or you mean something else?

  • This variable is can be used in tpl files and it gives back the full url of the tb installation. From my opinion it makes no sense to have two. But I could be wrong…

  • Many examples on how to solve this in the default template. For example in 404.tpl:

    <a href="{if isset($force_ssl) && $force_ssl}{$base_dir_ssl}{else}{$base_dir}{/if}" title="{l s='Home'}">&larr; {l s='Home page'}</a>

  • Oh yeah this does the job. But still from a technical point of view: Is it needed like that? Can’t we add this if else in the php method?

  • Is it needed like that?

    One of them starts with http://, the other one with https://. There might be usecases like a link “switch to SSL” or a redirection page automatically redirecting to the SSL-version. Or redirecting to non-SSL for picture links. Such stuff. Even if they make not much sense today, they might have had value a few years back.


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