Retina images! Please help!

  • I just managed to run the project on my local network, it is rocket since for me so don’t laught :) I tried to run it on my ipad and I am very dissapointed! Although I turned on the option for high resolution images the appearance of the product images is pathetic! I run for 3 years shop on presta 1.5 and I bought retina images module and the quality of the pictures is way better! According GA half of my clients visited the site with mobile device, I believe all devices got retina displays already not only iphones and ipads… So basically the thing which is selling online are the pictures, aren’t they? I invested a lot of money in photography equipment and that makes no point with the basic product appearance.
    Please advice me what could I do, I saw some templates whith perfect sharp images and some are not? Is it template related issue? I am selling jewellery and I can’t afford using the basic settings. I don’t believe I am the only one who uses ipad of all in this forum, or I am the only one who can’t manage to upload decent picture?
    Please advice me what to do?
    I know there are good people reading this forum :)

  • @MockoB said in Retina images! Please help!:
    “I saw some templates whith perfect sharp images and some are not? Is it template related issue? I am selling jewellery and I can’t afford using the basic settings.”

    Hi Mocko, which templates do you speak of? Can you point us to a specific product page of your site? What’s the dimensions and resolution of the image? Post the actual image here? Maybe that will help identify the issue.

  • I will PM you link to my site. I may send you picture to upload on presta basic site and template and see the difference. It is visible on every high pixel density screen, not just ipad or iPhone.

  • I sent you chat message, I don’t know if it is same like private message but I hope so. The difference may be seen on many templates on presta store also.
    One more thing to add. Just now I am using 20" screen whith resolution 2560/1440. So you can imagine how sharp its picture is! You may see here which are the most common desktop resolutions. So it happens that more than 80% are using “hd ready” and above resolution and we are still stuck with those low quality images. Unfortunately there isn’t retina images module for presta 1.6 otherwise I wouldn’t bother you. I just need razor sharp images for my products that’s all!

  • Sorry I couldn’t be more help. Your site images look good to me, but I’m not running the resolution you are.

    Seems that something has changed between PS 1.5 and 1.6, maybe. I remember the Warehouse theme specifically mentioning Retina Image quality in 1.5, and now it’s nowhere to be found in 1.6:

  • It is supposed that 1.6 has the retina feature by default but it is not even closer to retina quality. Or it is may be just thirtybees, I tested the feature just on thirtybees and not PS.

  • I found that x2 images are created in product img folders. I found there are media queries in _image.scss file, and yet the x2 images are not displayed neither on my ipad or iphone! I tested both PS and TB. I don’t know if it should be @2x or 2x the addition to the file name, I don’t know if there should be some additional line in htaccess file, but the thing is that it is missing and there are not HQ images.
    Please help!

    PS, here is link: to check devices with 2 and more pixel ratio, and reconsider if it is or not issue that the feature is not working!

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