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How to make invoice number go up by 2 each order

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I would like to make my invoice numbers, to go up by two number each purchase.

Meaning 000001 then 000003 then 000005 then 000007

Is this simple?

Thank you for you help.

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Posted (edited)

I believe you can create an override as override/classes/order/Order.php and change the increment value from 1 to 2

This code hasn't been verified but should be close to what you need.

Edit: I verified this on a test shop and it works.

* Override Created from Thirty Bees Order.php to increment invoice numbers by 2
****** */

class Order extends OrderCore
     * @param int $orderInvoiceId
     * @param int $idShop
     * @return bool
     * @throws PrestaShopException
    public static function setLastInvoiceNumber($orderInvoiceId, $idShop)
        if (!$orderInvoiceId) {
            return false;

        $number = Configuration::get('PS_INVOICE_START_NUMBER', null, null, $idShop);
        // If invoice start number has been set, you clean the value of this configuration
        if ($number) {
            Configuration::updateValue('PS_INVOICE_START_NUMBER', false, false, null, $idShop);

        $sql = 'UPDATE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'order_invoice` SET number =';

        if ($number) {
            $sql .= (int) $number;
        } else {
            // Find the next number (***line below was + 1 changed to + 2 to increment by 2****)
            $newNumberSql = 'SELECT (MAX(`number`) + 2) AS new_number
                FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'order_invoice`'.(Configuration::get('PS_INVOICE_RESET') ?
                ' WHERE DATE_FORMAT(`date_add`, "%Y") = '.(int) date('Y') : '');
            $newNumber = DB::getInstance()->getValue($newNumberSql);

            $sql .= (int) $newNumber;

        $sql .= ' WHERE `id_order_invoice` = '.(int) $orderInvoiceId;

        return Db::getInstance()->execute($sql);





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4 hours ago, DRMasterChief said:

Hi, you can use this module,  works with tb:  http://greenmousestudio.com/en/numeric-reference/ 

It appears that is for order numbers, not the invoice numbers as the OP requested.  A similar override can be done as the one above in Order.php if sequential order numbers are desired instead of the random letters.

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