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[Please help] TB 1.1.0 with latest Panda: Invalid Product Vars - after adding special price

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Hi there

I added a special price to a product (worked before) and suddenly I'm getting the error below:
In classes/Link.php

155:        if (!is_object($product)) {
156:            if (is_array($product) && isset($product['id_product'])) {
157:                $product = new Product($product['id_product'], false, $idLang, $idShop);
158:            } elseif ((int) $product) {
159:                $product = new Product((int) $product, false, $idLang, $idShop);
160:            } else {
161:                throw new PrestaShopException('Invalid product vars');
162:            }
163:        }


What I don't get is that it worked before, and removing the special price did not resolve the error. Please help.
Your help is appreciated

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Posted (edited)

Have you asked on the Panda forum. Also have you tried googling I see there are quite a few


Edited by AndyC

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