How do I create a payment methods bar that includes my SSL trust logo seal

  • How can I make a payment methods bar to place right underneath the add to cart button and add my Comodo SSL seal / trust logo to it? It was mentioned that it’s the 1.6 default.


  • Just design the image and hook the html content to hookDisplayProductButtons.

    There are several free prestashop modules that have this functionality.

  • I don’t know how to do this or what it should look like. I have my Comodo SSL image and want it to show in the cart checkout section, I believe.

  • Isn’t there any payment methods logo module? I think there was in the default template such feature, just add there your ssl logo and enable the module.

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    For such task you could either edit your theme or how moy2010 stated, use a html tool. You could try this one:

  • admin - modules & services - Product payment logos block - configure - productpaymentlogos
    I entered my block image and the heading.

    I still want to get my Comodo SSL seal graphic in there right under it. It doesn’t have a field for a second image. How do I get it on there? I indicated on the screenshot where I hope to have it.

    0_1497473670859_thirty bees payment logos for products pages.jpg

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    Well why don’t you combine these logo to one image file?

  • Good question. I will get my friend who is on Windows and uses Adobe PS to do it. I couldn’t do it on my iMac and don’t have “extreme” graphics editors.

  • I thought everything graphic was possible with MAC by default ;-)

  • Yes, unless you are me who doesn’t have the patience to do it. :) I made it yesterday anyway.

    0_1497567252568_zoom and back to top button colors updated.jpg

  • @alwayspaws did you saw that scroll to top button on the right is buggy. In most of the time it is just floating blue rectangle. Same for the zoom icon on your product image, you can see it in the attached picture above …

  • @MockoB No, the buttons work perfectly. I am working on getting the important things done first, and the secure shopping is very important, rather than the color scheme (you reading this, Michael? haha!). Still, I made the colors of my back to top button and the view larger button much brighter, even though the buttons looked good to me. See revised screenshot above. Thanks.

  • Wow, I know security is one of the most important things but I don’t believe you will handle the payments on your site because you are redirected to the payment processor site with every payment. So don’t pay too much attention about it, it is more SEO ranking factor than security risk, your ssl sertificate ;)
    About the color scheme I meant that I don’t see the icons in those buttons … The magnifier icon and the prev,next, top labels once I scroll down on your page. I am browsing it with my iPad, so the issue could be browser incompatibility , although your screenshot is probably on safari for mac … just check it on your tablet.

  • Im exhausted. I’m doing the work of 10 people. LOL.

    Refresh the browser on your iPad. My theme is completely responsive.

    I’ll send a screenshot from my iPhone later or tomorrow.

  • 0_1497586591493_IMG_6582.PNG check what’s on mine.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Like I said, you have to refresh your browser on your iPad. :)

    0_1497612053734_iPhone screenshot of my site.PNG

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