Error when Payment Modules try to create accounts.

  • I have not been able to get the login part of PayPal to work, it throws a 404 page can not be found and does not create the account.

    Tonight when testing the Amazon module on the new site I ran into the following error when I clicked the box on the Amazon cart page to create an account, and the order would not proceed.

    TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save adresses

    Error thrown: [object Object]
    Text status: error

    When I unclicked the box the order went through as a guest order as it should.

    The login with Amazon works as it should, account was created and customer was logged in.

    Both Amazon and Paypal were working fine with 30bz 1.00 so this must be a changed file in 1.01.

  • Ok, this is wierd. I ran a test in the first 30bz site, doing the exact same thing on Amazon as I did on the second site and the order was placed without a problem, the account was created and there were no errors. It is a multistore 30bz so the files are almost identical.

  • I just tested it again. PayPal is still returning a 404 error on login. I have disabled login.

    Amazon created two accounts one as a customer another as a guest and added the address as a manufacturers address not as a customer address.

  • The update to PayPal has fixed the login problem there. Thank you very much. I tested it on both sites in my multistore.

  • Excellent! Marked this report as solved.


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