Full page cache bug?

  • Hello. I just noticed that a users name was cached in the nav section. That’s pretty bad.

    I tested it by logging in and refreshing the cache, and yep my name was cached in the nav section when i was logged out (also tested in other browser). It only happens on the index page. it happens on all cached pages

    I will investigate further. But any idea how this can happen?

    It seems to help when i enable the ‘user info block’ in the cache settings.

  • Good point. I didn’t realize that. In my theme I use this:

    <a href="{$link->getPageLink('my-account', true)|escape:'html'}">{if $logged}{$customerName}{else}Mein Konto{/if}</a> 

    It has similair problems…

    Is there a way to prevent some specific smarty variables from caching?

  • @mdekker I noticed in another reply that you´re using the Warehouse theme in your own shop, at least that´s how I understood it.

    Was anything special needed in thirty bees full page cache config for Warehouse?

  • @braffas from where comes the customer name? I guess a module hook!? You should make it dynamic. Just click on the hook on the settings and it gets green. Then maybe you have to delete the cache and afterward it should work.

  • @wakabayashi Yes, that seems to work. But not caching a stock module like blockuserinfo, should probably be a default feature. Also when i look at the cached data inside redis, the page with username is still cached, that freaked me out a bit.
    When i get back to work, i have to check how exactly the dynamic module hooks are handled before i enable full page caching again. I don’t want customer names in google search results etc 😃

  • Everything seems to work as expected when the blockuserinfo->displayNav is marked as dynamic.

    So it’s not really a bug, but it a very important thing to change before you activate fullpage cache.

    Can anyone give a short explanation about how the dynamic hooks are handled, or is it documented somewhere?

  • It’s not the first time me or somebody else asking about full page cache short tutorial. It would be nice to have such, written by someone familiar with. After all it is only thirty bees and it is native feature which with ease could mess things up. Could be great article for the blog and documentation.
    If there is anyone already using it with success and knows what he’s doing, please share your experience with the community!


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