What field separators are used in csv's for import?

  • I use openoffice calc and save new spreadsheets with the .ods file extension until I’m ready to convert it to a .csv file.

    Every time I go to import in admin I have to keep changing the field separator and multivalue separator depending on whether I’m importing categories, products or combinations.

    Screenshot shows field delimiter and text delimiter when exporting from .ods to .csv

    0_1497540995930_what field delimiters do I save when converting ods to csv.jpg

    @spidawebs can you help me out please?

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    You mean you want to change the default setting in the import page?

  • Yes, please, but also need to know what to enter on the csv so they match.

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    The defaults are semicolon for the fields, and comma for multiple values. They should actually stay the same across entities

    admin: themes\default\template\controllers\import\helpers\form\form.tpl

    Holds the defaults when there is none set yet in the cookie

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    <input id=“separator” name=“separator” class=“fixed-width-xs form-control” type=“text” value="{if isset($separator_selected)}{$separator_selected|escape:‘html’:‘UTF-8’}{else};{/if}" />

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  • @Nemo Thanks so much for making it easy to follow! It works perfectly.


    When at the import screen before loading the data matching configuration, some fields such as “show price” and tags added a double comma. I took screenshots, but this “quirk” or whatever it is didn’t have any bearing on the imported data.

    24 lines of code for the one test product were 100% validated. Import got hung at 5/24 and 20% import, HOWEVER, the product imported correctly, including combinations, even though I hadn’t yet imported the combinations.

    I think TB picked up some info from the matching product because the description showed even though I had only entered the word “test” in the description field.

    I imported the combinations next, anyway, to see if anything would change. No changes and the product remained correct.


    Should I post all the steps I took?

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