Quantity in cart not updated when using custom text field(s)

  • I have a problem with updating the qty in the shopping cart when using a custom field. Steps to reproduce:

    • Add a text field for a product in the customization section in the admin
    • Save the product and go to the product page
    • In the product page at the bottom you an enter a custom text and click save
    • Add one or more of these customized products to the cart
    • Now on the cart page click the + in the qty column

    The cart totals are updated but not the input field for the customized product. Also the line above with the quantity is not updated.


  • @mdekker no this is not the same problem, my problem is that the plus and minus buttons don’t update the quantity, but they do update the total.

    sorry for not adding a screenshot, I thought i did but somehow it did not upload. here another try:

    0_1497991926537_Schermafbeelding 2017-06-20 om 21.20.27.png

  • I see now our posts crossed each other … I wil try your fix and test if that works. I’ll let you know, thanks!

  • I tested it and it works perfect! Thank you very much for the fast fix. This was one of the last issues before going live so later this week my thirtybees site will be in production 🙂

  • Works perfect for me, too. Thanks!

  • @mdekker you are right! I did not notice that before because my tests were with customization. In below screenshot the first line is added without customization, the second line with customization.

    If i’m correct the first line of the cart should not include the customization row below it.

    0_1498155371905_Schermafbeelding 2017-06-22 om 20.12.26.png

  • @mdekker are you sure? Because you opened the bug report yourself yesterday 🙂 … based on that I did a new test with the fix that was made for 1.0.2 earlier in this topic. That had the issues you mentioned when re-opening the bug.

    I also read that 1.0.2 is around the corner, so it’s no problem to wait for that release and re-test with that version.


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