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custom code box field size, want to make bigger

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Hello everyone,

I would like to know. Is there a way to made the size of the box / field on the custom code page bigger?

Preferences > Custom Code

Or what is a 'best practise' ? copy it into a text editor, change it, paste it back?

Thanks a lot

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In controllers/admin/AdminCustomCodeController.php, find the array definition starting with:

            Configuration::CUSTOMCODE_METAS => [

(probably line 29)

To this array definition, add

            'maxLines'                  => 100,

This lets this field grow to up to 100 lines.

Additional keywords: 'fontSize', 'minLines', 'showPrintMargin', 'enableBasicAutocompletion', 'enableSnippets' and 'enableLiveAutocompletion'.

Same applies to the other fields defined in this controller ( = on this page) and to code input fields elsewhere.

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