Carrier/Zone Settings Doesn't Save

  • Another bug that I’m desperate to get fixed!

    I’m trying to create new carrier and zone settings but they aren’t reflected correctly in the checkout.

    I created a new zone just for Australia and set the country in that zone.

    However, the checkout doesn’t reflect the new Carrier settings. Australia still shows shipping options that should not be available for that zone/country.

    Also, a side bug - remaining amount to obtain free shipping is correct in default currency (yen) but just throws a random number in other currencies:

    I tried:

    1. Deactivating the one page checkout module I’m using - no change.
    2. Clearing Smarty Cache - no change.
    3. Deactivating redis cache - no change.


  • Perhaps a stupid question, but you took away Australia as member of Oceania? Dont know it it is possible to be member of two zones though

  • @Havouza Legit question, but you’re correct. Took out Australia as member of Oceania and it’s only possible to be a member of one zone at a time for a country.

  • @mdekker could you explain a little bit more about this? I didn’t know this was possible. Do you think this is the reason for why I’m having the problems I’m having?


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