• Hello any and all -

    I installed tb 1.0.1 via softaculous - so I neither have working knowledge of tb or its predecessor ps.

    It appears that at least for some and possibly earlier users of ps, there are/were “Carrier Modules” available? Are they available to most users that install directly from here? Is there a way I could get the USPS module? I have my account with them set up, yet adding a Carrier on my own does not allow for any of this information to populate.

    Currently when I attempt to use one of the “Recommended Carrier Modules”, I get the following message “It seems there are no recommended carriers for your country.” - for what its worth, I am pretty sure this thing knows I am in Alaska USA.

    Any thoughts, recommendations, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have run out of word variations in my search.



  • Hey, we have yet to fork over all of the US carrier modules from PrestaShop currently. There are a few that are paid that work well though, The paid ones I would recommend are at Presto-Changeo, you can view their shipping modules here, http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/10-prestashop-shipping-modules They should all work with thirty bees and they will support them for thirty bees.

    The reason we have not forked over the carrier modules yet is because they are extremely limited and need a ton of work to get them working correctly. They also can slow your to a crawl, because they constantly query the rate servers in a bad manner. We just haven’t gotten them refactored yet.

  • Thank you Lesley - I thought I might be going loopy for a minute…I miss things when that happens.

    For me - 95% of my shipping will be free (to customer) using the USPS Priority Flat Rate (Same size/weight always) and I will only be shipping CONUS, so essentially there are little to no variables needed. What I was after was the ability to add tracking and integration into the shopping cart.

    I will look into the module you recommend.

    And again, thank you for your time and answer.


  • If that is all you are needing, the cart can handle that without a plugin. You can set the carriers up manually in the system, for flat rate you just limit the weight and box sizes in the carrier. Then name it something like USPS flate rate as a name, add a USPS icon to the carrier, and add the tracking link stub in. Then it will act like USPS flat rate.

    The only times the live api carriers are any use is for packages that are shipped depending on weight and dimensions.

  • I… was… just … thinking … this…

    I think simple might be my best option. Thank you for validating that.

    Have a great day!


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