German Small Business (Kleinunternehmer)

  • Hi there,

    i figured that maybe someone want’s to know, that the module from Silbersaiten works on thirtybees 1.0.1.

    Short how to:

    • Get the Module
    • Extract it
    • Upload the folder “smallscaleenterprise”
    • Search it in installer and install it

    That’s all.

    And after some experience with some other shop software i guess i’ll stick with thirtybees.

  • Do you happen to have a link to this module?

  • Excellent, thank you!

  • Sorry, i forgot to add it. The link Adik posted is correct.

  • And why it isn’t part of the eu compliance which is mainly used in Austria and Germany …
    Any of you heard of GDPR for EU ? And any idea about proper implementation? Because time is running out in six months and I’m pretty sure it will be great opportunity for greedy lawyers to make some cash …

  • And why it isn’t part of the eu compliance which is mainly used in Austria and Germany …

    Blunt question, blunt answer: because nobody hacked it in, yet. There is no magic button making this happen, it needs work and work needs time and/or money.

    Not sure how GDPR is related to this module, though. This module is for German merchants which have choosen to not collect VAT separately and handle the VAT topic like an ordinary citizen. This choice is given to merchants with less than EUR 17.500 revenue yearly, only. As far as I can see, this module is not a general legal compliancy module, one needs Advanced EU Compliance as well.

  • I guess small business is pretty much an edge case. It only affects people who just started out and who have opted in. After a few years - if all goes well - they change to “default mode”. However i couldn’t find a single open source shop system which would support this out of the box. There is only one system that has it and that one costs over 100 €.

  • Isn’t it possible to register vat without reaching that limit? Does every new company has to comply with that?
    About GDPR it doesn’t have anything in common with the current module but the question still hangs. Or nobody cares about it?

  • No, it’s voluntary. You can chose if you want to deal with VAT or not. I chose not to, because i don’t want to do the work involved. Also i don’t know if i will be successful. The moment i have enough earnings that i exceed this limit, i’ll pay someone else to do it. 😃

  • Accounting always been dark matter to me 🙂 wishing you be that successful and pay ppl do all the work for you 😉


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