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Review: Prestalia support policies

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I thought I'd share some unfortunate, in my opinion, support experience with @Prestalia.

I got their Amazon Sync module some months back, which I'm principally happy with. It's been smoother than @Common-Servicesmodule, which I switched from. 

However, I'm now suddenly getting an email from the module that says "error: country_not_active". I didn't change anything in my shop nor in Amazon settings.

I checked their manual and the FAQ to find out what this exactly means. Unfortunately, the error message is neither mentioned in the manual nor the FAQ.

So I thought I'd ask what the error message means. They replied that I can purchase an extension of their default 3 month support.

I am more than happy to do so for 'proper' support. But simply telling me what the module's own error message means does not qualify as requiring paid support for me. This is rather something that's missing in their manual.

Would be happy to hear what you all think.

As an aside, developers whose modules I've purchased and where everything, including support, was perfect are: @datakickand @musicmaster. Thank you!

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Amazon are doing lots of changes and it could be that it is now trying to recognise Netherlands, or Mexico or some other country that the module was not designed for


had similar issues with @common-service who I find brilliant - even though even with them you have to pay to have questions answered. they are after all doing this for a living. Nobody works for nothing


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Yes, I understand that people need to be paid. I often purchase extended support. But telling me what their own error message means? That should be in the manual.

Either way, in the meantime I've figured out that the error message is displayed when the shipping country (here, it was a French Overseas Department that Amazon apparently classifies as France) is not active in the shop system. 

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