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The Pellet Guy

Have a few issues I need sorting out (Job Offer)

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OK  I have got quite a way into this project  but I'm falling over on a few issues I have limited programming skills and im very much a drag and drop guy 

I have looked through this forum and there are some incredibly talented guys on here and I'm wondering if someone would like to assist me I'm happy to pay for someone's time the list of issues are below, I get very stuck with hooks I just dont understand the terminology or the location names of the blocks something should be hooked too and have had some right funky reactions when i have tried editing them.


Please respond here if its something you could do, I can arrange access  I run a dedicated Linux server via WHM and Cpanel  

Hope this doesn't come across rude but I'm nervous about disclosing log in details so will need someone that can offer me a look at some previous work and be known here or on the Presta Forums


  • I need my shop configured for SSL or should I say my server configured for this shop I have all my other stores  SSL  but this was done by others  and not sure how this works
  • I need the blog fixed to allow comments for some reason its not happening or certainly not obvious how it works, im also having a few image issues with the blog 
  • I need a collect in store option with no shipping costs, I have no hair left to pull out this is driving me insane🙂
  • I need my copyright to show up on the bottom 
  • I would really like the site slightly wider 10 to 15%  I just feel im losing a lot of selling space to grey area
  • I would really like a parralax on the home page I was looking at this module but unsure if its compatable https://addons.prestashop.com/en/page-customization/30231-parallax-background-scroll-images-and-videos.html
  • And really just a general walk over what I have done to date to ensure I have gone about things correctly


Im sure there are a couple of other niggles but right now the above is all that's stopping me from going live apart from a few more products that I'm working on constantly


Who's up for it ?





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