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[Please help] CSV Import Discount Amount Tax Excluded Problem

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I've been battling with this one for a few days now. I'm trying to import a Discount Amount without tax. As my main price is without tax. There is a tax rule though.
But what's been happening is that when the system imports, it seems to deduct tax on the Discount Amount, and then I get: (price - newly deducted tax on discount amount = wrong total).
I think that it somehow thinks that the price I entered includes tax, when in fact it doesn't. But, I'm still not sure why it would deduct tax in the first place as my amount is set to excluding tax?

Is there a way to modify AdminController or a setting something in the backend, to tell it that is should not deduct tax on the discount amount?
Or is there somewhere I can modify some core code to set the default "discount amount tax behaviour" that you see in the Product page, to select Tax Excl, and not Tax incl?

I have a lot of products and it is not viable to change each product manually in the backend (where I see that it allows you to set the discount amount to either include / excl tax).

I've seen this old PS post, but I'm not sure if this is the correct solution?

Your assistance is appreciated. Has anyone else here encountered this?

@datakick @Traumflug

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With CSV import, if You press button import, then before this You can set price with tax or without tax. It is row 5.

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Did you come right .I disabled tax .If you go to if you go to customers then groups .you will c visitor guest customer click on the one you want to change click edit .Price display tax included or tax excluded .you will have to activate all your modules after saving again hope this helps you maybe.

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