Translation assistance tool - form autocomplete plugin for browsers?

  • I’m translating a theme in the backend. So many fields are repetitive and need to be translated again and again.

    Is there any autocomplete tool that would recognise e.g. the field “Shipping address” and then automatically autocomplete with the translation the next time “Shipping address” needs to be translated?

    I tried two autocomplete plugins for Firefox, but they didn’t work.

  • The way I did it is close/open all fields and ctrl-f particular phrase and translate all the mentions one by one …

  • That’s a nice hack … so I guess the save button at the very top saves for all sections? Because each section has its own save button. I’ll try it out.

  • Yes, it saves all changes 🙂

  • Why don’t you just clone the the theme translations of the standard theme? Just scroll down to the bottom of BO menu
    localization --> translations
    You’ll find a copy option here. If the theme fullfills the standard, most items will be tranlated automatically thus.

  • @Occam Thanks! I didn’t realise there’s a standard.


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