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Ability to use other full-caсhing modules

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I very like ThirtyBees and have numbers popular progects ot it. Usually I use Warehouse template for my progects. 
BUT one thing makes me very upset - is unable to using other full-page caching modules instead build-in sysyem. That system was copied from "Express Cache 3" module. But it was a very bad copy ((. Instead of that great module - build-in system works very-very poor and can not be comparing with it.

The root of problem is: - ThirtyBees unlike of Prestashop using class "PageCache" that usualy using in popular caching modules like:

  • Express Cache 3
  • Page Cache Ultimate
  • Page Cache Pro
  • PM Cache Manager

And this fact is make to anavailable to use it. Is a BIGEST problem. Because from one hand - build-in system not working a bit like this modules, from other hand we can not use these modules :((( 

So my ask is: - dear developers, could you please to re-name class "PageCache" in next versions of ThirtyBees or maybe use other method for users can total disabling build-in full-cache system and made copabilyty with these populair full-caching modules. Is very important, because ignoring this fact is a way to users back to Prestashop again..

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That's not so simple. By introducing this class it become public api. Anyone could override it. Modules could expect it exists and use it... It's not much likely, but it could happen. By removing / renaming this class, we would create backwards incompatibility. And that's very much against he tb policy.

I personally believe that, in this case, the functionality should be removed from core and moved to module. But if we decide to go this route, it needs to be done properly and safely. So the change won't take down anyone's server. You know, not the ps17 way.

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